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  • RT @Corsair: #ifICouldEscape? Please...it's not a question of if...it's where to? What game are you planning on escaping into? https://t.co… 24/Oct/2016 23:12:37
  • RT @nerdist: #Dishonored2 gets a stylish live-action trailer as the Empress takes back her kingdom: https://t.co/Fmmp0JUkN5 https://t.co/WK… 24/Oct/2016 22:42:47
  • RT @Polygon: What happens when Westworld meets @Fallout? 👍 https://t.co/W7pGyh2siW 24/Oct/2016 22:37:28
  • RT @primagames: Take a peek inside @ElderScrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition guide & gain knowledge a Dragonborn needs. Pre-Order Now https:/… 24/Oct/2016 22:35:07
  • RT @dishonored: New #Dishonored2 gameplay is coming to a livestream near you, starting Oct. 26 with @Twitch. See the full schedule: https:/… 24/Oct/2016 21:25:37
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