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  • RT @TESLegends: Release Date Update: As we put the final touches of Houses of Morrowind, we have adjusted the release date to Thursday, Apr… 23/Mar/2018 19:43:26
  • RT @TESLegends: New #TESLMorrowind card revealed! Watch live 🔴on https://t.co/0U9SfTSTiu https://t.co/L2KRAIRWb9 23/Mar/2018 19:07:07
  • We’re live with #TESLegends in 10min! https://t.co/VWeFFNr89w 23/Mar/2018 18:52:56
  • @Mr_Bubby_Mylo @Luck_like_YT Skooma, M’aiq thinks https://t.co/ZbLuh1fZAn 23/Mar/2018 03:41:08
  • @TheMadJack @CohhCarnage @CohhCarnage - hope to see you there 23/Mar/2018 03:33:32
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