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  • RT @RAGEgame: Whoaaa dude, put down the bat. May 14 isn't THAT far away. https://t.co/usHFbj10Lz 15/Dec/2018 17:10:18
  • Is the holiday season not for you? Celebrate the #12DaysofBethesda #TheEvilWithin style: With terror and many-faced… https://t.co/5NMKRFhD4d 15/Dec/2018 16:00:08
  • RT @RAGEgame: Gonna go out on a limb here... https://t.co/WpJYEX4eo9 14/Dec/2018 19:42:44
  • Today's #12DaysofBethesda daily prize is out of this world! Follow @PreyGame & RT this tweet and you could be the… https://t.co/eOMjPc3Uc1 14/Dec/2018 16:00:12
  • A Skeever, a RadRoach, a PANZERHUND and a Radscorpion, Which one would you choose to have as a pet? (if you HAD to… https://t.co/4jx9fwL4T4 14/Dec/2018 09:18:59
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